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Here at Preservation Pens, we have a team of staff members who are highly innovative, motivated, and driven by a standard of excellence and a moral code to delivering nothing short of upmost quality customer satisfaction. We hand curate all of our orders to exactly how our customers desire their pens and other unique items to deliver the best possible product right to your doorstep. 

IT Management

Chief of



J. McCarthy

J. McCarthy, is a military child who has autism and ADHD. They are a young entrepreneur and a founder of Preservation Pens. J. likes the creative design aspect of the Preservation Pens line of signs and boards, and is also a partial Social Media Manager.

Patrick McCarthy

Chief of Innovation is a creative and challenging discipline to fill, but we think Doctor Deacon Batman Patrick McCarthy has it in the bag. Patrick makes all of our ammo-crate and pen boxes and charcuterie and cutting boards, and he also is the innovation process behind the scenes in our workshop and maker lab. Patrick is always thinking of cool new projects and designs!

His other talents include photo-shopping his Facebook profile pictures, finding various woods for our pens, and losing fingers on the job. Patrick has been serving active duty for over two decades with the US Military and brings that same drive and passion into the Preservation Pens workplace.




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Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy is the Chief Operations Officer, meaning she carries out majority of the business operations around the business, maintains all social media, runs all sales, and manages and designs the websites on Wix and Etsy ensuring that all of our pen orders are delivered on time in an orderly fashion and ensures that Preservation Pens thrives with an infectious can-do attitude. Lisa also hand-turns all the pens and pencils and actively seeks out new historic wood for the shop. She also uses her favorite hobby and photographs all the orders and creations coming out of the shop.

 She received her master's degree in Psychology and is putting it to use by life coaching her staff around the workshop. But her extensive background in retail management is what really shines through in her ability to talk to her customers and put personal details into each of Preservation Pens designs! 




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Megan McCarthy

Megan is our social media manager. In other words, the mastermind who created the website you're currently reading this from. But school became her greater well as living her best life in NYC with her dog, Donut, and her 2 cats...Jelly and Beans. Despite her enthralling full-time jobs as J's older sister and professional overachiever, she resides in New York City where she is studying her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with a double concentration in Theatre Performance and Directing. She spent her spring semester of freshman year interning for Arts in the Armed Forces, Adam Driver's organization bringing live professional theatre to military bases. You can follow her adventures on her Instagram and on her website

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