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The Story of


Preservation Pens​ combines our family's love of learning about history with our fascination with how things work. We decided to purchase some tools in December and try to make our first prototype of an entirely original ballpoint pen of our own creation. We began having discussions about reclaimed and recycled materials to create unique writing implements with a rich story and a rich history to them. Soon, people noticed our pens at school and at work and began asking us to make some for them. Some individuals approached us with the idea of using wood from special objects such as family heirlooms, and military-related hardwoods, and Preservation Pens was born. We now have wood from three battleships and seven different woods that have been to war.

Mission Statement

Preservation Pens is dedicated to hand-turning history through our unique, individual, and impassioned pens, one pen at a time. All of our pens are woven with a story, a rich past, and are only served at the best possible quality.

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